09 January 2010


Team Netherlands 1 with pilot Edwin van Calker and Sybren Jansma starts at the first run of the two men's Bobsleigh World Cup event in Koenigssee, Germany.


freida1 said...

Looks like fun if you don't 'mind' the cold...


Unknown said...

Interesting word for a title if you think about it enough.
I definitely don't need that last book on 'your line up' (see the above), of what category might they be...reference text(s)?
I just love punctuation, fascinating 'Indeed' (reminds me of job hunting or an Easter-egg hunt).
The first book on 'that subject' should be something to do with glass blowing, shouldn't it?
Funny, the things you can read into thangs...especially without 'inflection' and improper usage.
Hey, but I'm just having me some fun...and I'm not selling or soliciting drugs.
So what's wrong with a little humour (must be Old-English), or possibly ham?