29 December 2009


Chinatown family life - what tourists don't see.

Interesting article and photos on the conditions some families face living in San Francisco's Chinatown.


freida1 said...

Could always be worse...

Red fish is really expensive 'inland.'

And they've got family near.

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Théophile said...

Damn I couldn't imagine all this!

freida1 said...

The 'e' blogger reminded me of Pierre Plenty!!!

Anonymous said...

Actual living isn't really 'bout fortune cookies it just has to do with circumstance.

Unknown said...

Can 'you' imagine if Hitler had won?
Pretty scary to think that this is "twenty-ten" and with all the best 'progress' we still have war and a long, long journey ahead.
Yet'wat is scariest to believe is that it's all for naught.

Anonymous said...

Swing low...why is it that some people look so different?
Like their arms are longer, or by some uncertain fate born in a climate or region, that is it possible to believe is twy they are darker or shorter...


Way before me, yet could just be a notion...might be a star up their in heaven always shining for me...or not.

Who knows, for all we know I might be some kind of great ape.

Laugh a little...LAL...and gag!

Anonymous said...

And an anonymous doesn't get no garbage can icon.
So from this at least I hope to retain what little I've learned to believe in, I guess.
Bronze stars and purple hearts, and arti-facts.