21 October 2009


Just because it's from a Librarian doesn't make it any less of a random collection of crap.

From a recent (and quite accurate) comment about this weblog.



freida1 said...

All Asian people look alike, lol!

freida1 said...

So, what does "Made in America" really mean?

Reminds me of corn, and 'poppycock.'

Also reminds me a talented musician, and the intro to late night movies.

Wizards are not.

Except for Einstein, and the real "Rainman" of course.

Must be some 'examples' that we just haven't seen televised, yet.

And, then if everything was it would sound like that movie tract from "Contact," I guess.

So, many books.

So, many icons.

So, many stars in the heaven already...

Wonder if 'the guff' is getting full?

I'm almost ready to something I dread.

Not quite there yet.

Anonymous said...


I'm almost ready to 'do' something I dread.

Show me a picture of "Fear."

Anonymous said...


Fiber ain't just beans...

'cept if your lookin' at soup labels...


Seems, I'm a little lost 'in all this space."

Don't, or doesn't really matter...

Just 'information junk'...and a bunch of bunk.

Couldn't find what I was trying to find again, and nevermind me...

I'll find it eventually, or even if I don't at least I'll have fun trying.