24 October 2009


The ungainly brutes have been known to just waltz into campsites with impunity and scarf everything in sight. They sometimes lumber into homes, rip out cupboards and empty refrigerators. Some bruins take up residence under empty homes and just feast until all the food is gone. The furry gluttons eventually give birth to cubs that also learn the joys of wallowing in the syrupy wreckage of a human food cache.

New study in the Journal of Mammalogy finds that black bears in Yosemite National Park prefer breaking into minivans.


critter said...

Well, surely they must do some good!

Not 'being' a 'human' picky eater.

freida1 said...

So, is there a special 'claws' for minivan insurance to cover the damage incurred for 'parking in a park?'

critter said...

Yes, I watched several cartoons on YouTube 'bout Yogi and BooBoo!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!