06 October 2009


Absinthe Brasserie, San Francisco.

From an article in today's local paper about places in San Francisco to sip absinthe, the current trending (trending!?) drink.

Oh my.


mister anchovy said...

hi...just want to let you know I've moved. Anchovy World Headquarters is now at 27th Street. We prefer Scotch to Absinthe over there.


Delilah said...

There are many decent absinthe brands now available at your local liquor store. Just do a little research first as some of those available are not actually authentic.

freida1 said...

'mister anchovy'...

Sounds pretty 'fishy' to me.

Type 'ap' and come up with bar code.


freida1 said...

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

freida1 said...

...that used to only be 6 blocks away.