31 July 2009


Neat LA Times audio slideshow of the makeshift RV camp in the parking lot of the Los Angeles International Airport. Many airline pilots and mechanics are calling it home during these tough economic times.


freida1 said...

I bet it has more to do with fighting all that LA traffic, and getting some quality 'down time,' more than it has to do with 'tough times.'

freida1 said...

Peace is easy to find...


If you stop, look and listen.

Don't even need no 'tube' or 'cell'...

Well, on second thought guess it really is all 'bout 'cells.'

Just biology, though.

'The Library' sure has come a long, long way...gee, I remember searching for 'addiction' and what I found wasn't 'fact.'

And I always preferred 'non-fiction'...


Sure is hard to 'cross that aisle.'

Does Obama really smoke cigs?

Sure does make one wonder?

Reminds me of another tune, and lyrics...something 'bout cowboys.

Well, at the very least maybe 'this tube' can get us reading more between the lines.

Just thinking and remembering out loud.