21 June 2009

Nebraska & Wyoming

The number six.

Obligatory rear-view mirror photograph somewhere in western Nebraska.

Railroad crossing. Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Cowboy sign. Cheyenne, Wyoming.


freida1 said...

Reminds me of a Clint Eastwood movie.

freida1 said...

Just had to check back (in) to see if my comment passed inspection (or not).

Sure does look like a 'ghost town' rather than 'station.' What are those people growing out there?

Gosh there's just gotta' be something really good grown there, that doesn't grow no where else, right?

Maybe someday, instead of learning how to harness summer and 'solar' power, we'll learn something about winter and ice powder, or drifts, or really...

Ain't no tellin'...just seems those 'slanty eyed Asians' and 'suffrin middle easterns' sure got us beat on how to make a buck...and work those kids, and their mothers, and 'this little blue dot'....right down pat.

Just in a bad mood I guess.

But that 'cowboy sign' just got me goin'.

I think I need a vacation.

Or, maybe I should just enjoy this one.

Don't really much like riding in a car, though...I'd really rather walk....unless there isn't any traffic.

Gee seems, so far...that's the best part about 'this trip.'

Hope you are enjoying yourself.

Hope you're wife makes you stop often to get out of that car. Hope you've got one!!!!

No, not 'a car.'

freida1 said...

Hope you're getting some good 'gas mileage'..."No Doubt" you're traveling in a 'foreign automobile'...

The 'thing' about 'these American models' is that there are just way too, many parts.

freida1 said...

Get some shut eye.