08 May 2009


An old man waited with children to receive their hot tea ration at a refugee camp near Mardan, Pakistan. Thousands of residents have fled fighting between the army and Taliban militants in the Swat Valley, in Pakistan's northwest.


freida1 said...

Happy Mothers' Day, 'Hamburger Man.'

I especially like those tunic shirts with 2 pockets.

It's really hard to find a 'good shirt' in the 'good ole US of A,' even south of the border, I think.

Seems the manufacturers' (or UNIONS), and wage earners here want, demand or need too, much.

I think it's what's in the middle that counts...between the rackets...those 'head turning' agents, the insurance, the license, and the taxes...what's left at the end of a hardly earned, or barely earned (paid for by mommy and daddy) college educated idiot...

'Cept for a gigantic EGO and a leg up on the rest of society.

freida1 said...

Well, now that I've 'clicked' onto the 'light blue' colored 'links'...

Sure is nice to know there are some college-educated idiots that will no doubt make a difference...someday.

Of course, they are 'not for profit' and if I continue to 'click onto' there websites I rather think eventually I will get some pop-up blinking advertisement for something called a handout or a donation.

Of course it will be tax deductible.