20 May 2009

The Road

The road connecting El Calafate with Los Glaciares National Park glistens through a windshield in Argentina's Patagonia region.

A nice view of the road as we prepare for our own annual roadtrip next month which will take us from Ohio back here to California. Details to follow and your suggestions on what to see and where to stop will be most welcome.


freida1 said...

I like tangents...


Seems someone 'special' has the ability to 'over promote' someone that is just as special as some other kid.

I kinda like 'the little drummer boy'...

And this photo reminds me of a Pyramid...

The the little kid plays the drums to 'Linkin Park.'

Seems to me he 'feels the best' and has some backup...called parents that don't much mind if he does deaf.

But when you're young you're organs are strong.

So, from Ohio to California...

My Mother was born in Ohio!!!!

Back then, you really learned how to cook.

Guess that road employed a few for a time...but seems our government doesn't have even a 'five year plan' to keep those roads in good repair.

freida1 said...

I should probably just sit back and try to enjoy the ride.

It is a 'nice shot.'

freida1 said...


No need for 'words' if you've got a really 'good feeling.