26 April 2009


Worshipers walk under colorful lanterns as they celebrate the coming birthday of Buddha at Chogey Temple in Seoul. Buddha was born approximately 2,553 years ago, and his official birthday is celebrated on May 2 in South Korea.


freida1 said...

And I guess I'll always believe that 'elections' are made to 'look real.'

Sure do wish and pray for those in charge of 'all that,' though...nonetheless.

I do enjoy the drama, and the colors and the lights.

Just don't care too much for hardships and lack of food, shelter and clothing.

Gosh, I do wonder why?

And for the most part, I know it's not about being 'chosen.'

It's all random.

freida1 said...

Don't you think we're all really close 'in-between?'


More than flesh and blood?

freida1 said...

...and what about this most recent 'outbreak' "THEY" call the swine flue...

Seems "THEY" would rather blame pigs.

freida1 said...

'Inspire' might be a greater word.

Like 'breath.'