30 April 2009

Pain II

A woman driven by unbearable thirst trying to catch black raindrops in her mouth.
Year of Birth: 1925 \ Age at time of blast: 19 \ Age when image created: 49

From the excellent (and really, really sad & disturbing) - Ground Zero 1945: Pictures by Atomic Bomb Survivors.

(via lii.org]

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freida1 said...

I really do think that a tree is more important than that .org

Yet, with this new internet, thing-a-majiggy...

Gosh, worse than trees maybe?

Industrial pollen at it's finest...you betcha.

Meanwhile 'the government' is starting a grounds-root effort to send tobacco off to some foreign country.

If only 'they'd' all just tell the truth in the first place.

But, ooooooh no....can't do that not yet, not ever.

Just send 'that huff and post' overseas...'cause they are dumb (not really)...but they are poor.

If we ever have a perfect solution...


I'm pretty sure that most, especially those in charge aren't quite ready yet to share that much.

How does one eat?

We are animals, and we all live on a tiny blue dot with a bunch of other animals.

And some got bigger pinchers, and were born into 'that way.'

Like that light-skinned person that's our new President these days.

And you know as well as I do 'that skin' is really 'GREEN.'