19 April 2009

Amstel Gold

The pro peloton climbs in the flat Netherlands during today's Amstel Gold pro cycling race.


freida1 said...

Bikes are nice, but I like horses better.

Of course, you don't need no feed or a field...and you can even have or keep one 'tame' indoors.

Take your daughter horseback riding. It's much better than drugs.

freida1 said...

And doesn't anyone know or realize the truth?

In real life the 'Marlboro Man' might have had time for one or two after dinner, maybe every other day.


freida1 said...

And talkin' 'bout horses what about Amstel Gold!!!!

freida1 said...

This bothers me a little thinkin' 'bout horses used for glue, and probably 'ALPO' and 'Pedigree,' too.

Then look at all that muscle and all that land, and just thing of the marvel of...

Hey, wait a minuted...what the heck is going on?

Just exactly what we all thought in the first place...

No one really cares.

Reminds me of global trade and now that we're trying to help China everyone gets all bent out of shape.

Sure would like to know the truth.

Did we elect a new predident (lower case that earns millions) with that gas hike...


freida1 said...

Darn it!

And, no more nude hiking in the Alps.

What's this world coming to?

Of course, I didn't read the story...

just 'the headline.'