24 March 2009

Tent City

Tammy Day, seen with her husband Keith, cooks over a campfire at the homeless encampment.

Nice (if a bit depressing) photo gallery by Getty photographer Justin Sullivan of Sacramento's tent city. Officials hope to close and relocate the current encampment in the next month.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering about....

What's for dinner...and photo reproduction rights.

Did this couple sign a 'release?'

Guess they don't know.

God Bless 'Em!!!

freida1 said...

I'd like to see 'What's for Dinner' on that channel called the 'FOOD NETWORK'...

Right down to their bad attitude, and the picking and grinning

I really would like to see real people on tv, instead of 'reality tv'...and notice this woman holding spices, and clouds heavy with moisture in the sky, getting ready to cry.

Must be a stream nearby for fishin'...

I bet her husband caught dinner that evening.

I do notice you're background doesn't fight with the foreground...

Nice quiet grey, with colour and word unfolding...and not all glittery...closer to what Mother Nature intended.

Better than glossy magazine pages...once a tree cut and pulverized, then rolled into sheets, and eventually 'inked.'

"Where's Dave?"

freida1 said...

Gosh, I couldn't sleep and was thinkin' about 'Abe' and 'The Law.'

Then I thought, gosh, don't these people know that if they just did something 'wrong' they'd end up all cozy and warm in some 'cell' with free healthcare and a bed...not to mention getting fed.