27 February 2009

Con Air

On average, JPATS completes nearly 300,000 prisoner/alien movements per year. A network of aircraft, cars, vans and buses accomplishes these coordinated movements. JPATS operates a fleet of aircraft which moves prisoners over long distances more economically and with higher security than commercial airlines. Nearly all air movements are done aboard large and small jets that JPATS owns or leases. Ground transportation is usually provided by the Marshals Service, ICE and the BOP.



Anonymous said...



And, I thought the movie...well, I thought it was 'just a movie.'

icecoldyummy said...


Anonymous said...

Does our government want to protect us, or would they rather just tax us?

Seems there are some running on 'both sides' of that aisle.

Yet, I'd rather think that 'good guys' wear white, and drive white vans.


Anonymous said...

You know it really annoys me that I still get emails from John McCain's Camp...

Asking for handouts.

Gee, I never gave a cent...well, 'cept for once-upon-a-time on an income tax form.

That was for another one...that probably bit the dust.

I just thought maybe it was 'right handy' just to vote that way.

You know 'on the form' as long as they're supposed to be all confidential, and sure would save a buck or 2, I think.