25 November 2008

Best Barbecue in Texas

Miss Tootsie — as she's respectfully called — tends the massive iron pits and hissing fireboxes like an admiral minding her fleet. Her gray hair is cut sensibly short. A blue apron is fastened around her waist. During the week, she works as a school custodian. On Saturday mornings, her strong arms turn short ribs and chicken halves, briskets and pork steaks with a practiced flip of the fork.

Last week's New Yorker had a nice article on Snow's BBQ (only open on Saturday mornings), which was voted the best barbecue in Texas.

NPR also ran a story on Snow's this past summer.


mister anchovy said...

We had some excellent bbq when we were in Houston. It would be interesting to sample bbq from all over the American south.

Lisa said...

I just read that this morning! I liked the line, "After lunch, if that’s what you call a large meal of meat that you finish just before 9 A.M. ...."

john said...

One of the best breakfasts I ever had was a bbq brisket sandwich during an early morning layover at the Memphis airport.