04 September 2008

Luxury Bathrooms

The bathroom is the new design frontier. In urban apartments and at large secluded estates, adventurous home owners and the nation’s top designers are breaking the old rules, using space and materials in dramatic new ways and reimagining just what a bathroom can be. No longer intended solely for utilitarian purposes, today’s bathrooms are designed for everything from solitude to accommodating the family to entertaining.

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

I've always loved your blog - I've been following it for what seems like years. Keep it up - you find the most interesting snippets from all around, and I love being able to check it out every few days and find some new something that's both unique and interesting.

mister anchovy said...

We don't go for big swanky bathrooms at Anchovy World Headquarters. Before we moved though, our bathroom was so small, your knees bumped the tub when you sat on the loo. We've upsized to an average-sized bathroom at the new Headquarters.