01 July 2008

Sausage Throwin'

A 46-year-old Florida man was jailed for beaning his mother with a three-pound pack of polish sausage, police said. Gregory Allan Praeger was charged with battery on Saturday after admitting he threw the 3-pound package of sausage at his mother and hitting her in the head.

Officers responded at 11:35 a.m. and found the woman on the couch. Praeger was in the kitchen cooking and was on the telephone, police said. The mother told police her son was drinking and argued with her. She said he picked up the pack of sausage and beaned her with it, grazing the back of her head.

Only in Florida...

[tnx "hollywood jeffe"]


icecoldyummy said...

stupid floridians

mister anchovy said...

when I saw the header, I expected it was a new olympic sport...based on your weight class, you would have to throw a banger, an Octoberfest, a Debrezini or for the super-heavyweights, a big chub of garlic-y kielbassa. Har!