19 June 2008

The Case of the Missing Feet

When two unrelated human feet washed up on the beaches of two small islands north of Vancouver in six days last August, a spokesman for the Mounties said the odds of it happening were a million to one. This week the number of feet found rose to six.

What's going on? Police in British Columbia are confounded, saying they have never seen a case like it. The feet have all been recovered along the shorelines in the Strait of Georgia, which lies to the south and west of Vancouver. They were all encased in trainers, and five out of the six are right feet. Police say it is not yet clear if a crime had been committed.


Anonymous said...

Foot #6 is a hoax. Still five feet is pretty weird. The best guess was the feet belonged to victims of a plane crash 2 years ago. Turns out there is no DNA match with any of the feet.

Anonymous said...

I am not quite sure, but I am sure that something is a foot.