08 May 2008

Found Treasure

It looked like a small charcoal briquette, floating on San Francisco Bay, but it was just a little bit too square to be a charcoal briquette. Twelve-year-old Joe Carter, who was boating with his father Sunday off Crissy Field, figured he might as well reach over the side of their dinghy and pick it up. It wasn't a charcoal briquette after all, Joe realized, because charcoal briquettes do not have hinges on them.

It was a jewelry box.

"What if there's a diamond ring inside?" Joe remembers wondering to himself. So he opened the small black box. And inside was something round and golden, with a sparkling stone on it. "It's a real diamond ring," Joe said. "With a real diamond." Joe took the ring out of the box and inspected a small tag, which was still attached to it. "Romance Princess. One-quarter carat. Diamond Wedding Ring. $499," the tag said.

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Si I guess she said No.. lol!