23 April 2008

John Barleycorn

The pub was a city museum, with its cheery hearth built from old city cobblestones, its cable-car benches and re-purposed church pews, its bleacher seats from the San Francisco Seals -- the minor league baseball team that skipped town for Phoenix in 1957 when the Giants arrived. After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the pub was the place locals went to check in on one another. It was the neighborhood's living room.

"You came in and you just listened at first," Ayre said. "Then the regulars let you talk. They welcomed you. From that point on, the people around you were your people."

Nice article in the Los Angeles Times on classic bars disappearing in San Francisco. Included is my old watering hole/living room, the John Barleycorn.

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