25 March 2008

Fast Pass Art

Four years ago, John Kuzich started posting flyers around San Francisco neighborhoods asking people to send him their old Municipal Railway Fast Passes for an art project. Since then, more than 15,000 of the wallet-size monthly fare cards have shown up in Kuzich's mailbox or were delivered in person.

Placed side by side in his colorful collages, Kuzich says the passes represent San Francisco's shared Muni experience. At the same time, each pass once belonged to an individual passenger, each with a distinct identity and narrative. "You get on a bus and you see maybe 25 or 50 faces, but you don't really get behind the facade to know who the people really are," Kuzich said.

That started to change for Kuzich as people started to give him their expired passes, many accompanied by hand-written notes or in-person stories.

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