02 February 2008


[rant] We recently bought two tickets for an upcoming concert. The face value on each ticket was $35. TicketMaster added a $9.65 convenience fee to each ticket and then a $5.15 processing fee on the entire order. According to my somewhat rusty math, that works out to an additional $12.22 per ticket or 35% of the ticket's face value. How is that legal!? [/rant]


Anonymous said...

ummm, $9.65 plus 5.15 used to equal $14.80. what did i miss???

john said...

Your math is excellent and correct *but* that $5.15 charge was for both tickets and therefore equals out to $2.575 per ticket.

Regardless, Ticketmaster sucks :)

Lane said...

In most states the way they bill for charges makes it legal.


Anonymous said...

i had no idea mel torme tickets were so cheap.