28 July 2007


San Francisco has become the ball-catching capital of the baseball world, thanks to Bonds and a ballpark that offers many interesting ways to snag cowhide. There are unwritten rules and even a kind of lingo associated with the chase. It is acceptable, for instance, to get physical in pursuit of a ball if you have a clear shot at it. Those who get knocked away from a sure catch, though, are said to have been "Jaked."

The term comes from Frazier, 25, of Belmont, whose notorious skills came together in spectacular fashion when Bonds hit his 655th home run in September 2003. "On 655, I took out a family of four," the 6-foot-1, 250-pounder admitted proudly. "They were none too happy about it. I had to, though. It was a Bonds home run. I knocked them over like bowling pins -- dink, dink, dink, dink -- and I caught it on the fly."

Chasing homerun baseballs at San Francisco Giants' games.

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