27 April 2007

Losing Jerry

LOSING JERRY follows the personal journeys of three close friends from their happy-go-lucky, following The Grateful Dead, teenage party days to that horrible day of Jerry Garcia’s death, 15 years later.

Oh my.

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Zoooma said...

And this movie'll have a wide release? This movie'll just hit small art-house kinda cinemas?

Or more likely straight-to-video?

A Big Chill for the Deadhead generation? Big Chill starred Kevin Costner as the corpse plus other various assorted at one time or possibly still big names in Hollywood. Somehow I just don't think this movie is gonna achieve quite that level or have the same longterm appreciation.

Basically -- gimme a break. Filmmaking is a great art form when done well, even big budget Hollyweird schlock can be entertaining and I hate to judge something before it's even made but this just seems as cheddary lame as Cheezy Answers.

Written a book, he shoulda done. For the life of me I can't imagine what his vision is for this picture. Gonna rush right out to see this? HA. I feel sorry for the dude. Then again, I could be wrong and maybe it'll turn out to be a nice little piece to watch. I can see how maybe kids just learning about the GD now might find it better than others of us. We've already endured the loss, we've grieved, we celebrate his life and the music he gave us... no need to see it cheesed all over a movie or TV screen.