06 February 2007

Ricky Martin!?

A word to bicyclists: Don't think you can outrun a motorcycle cop. A man in a hurry to watch the Super Bowl learned the hard way and ended up watching the game from a jail cell. The incident happened Sunday afternoon when Ricky Martin, 44, of Fremont ran a red light while riding his Schwinn bicycle near Mowry Avenue and Peralta Boulevard, Fremont police said.

I'd outrun him. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

I once outran a cop on my bicycle. It was many moons ago when I was young, in great shape and knew the area really well. I went down several narrow 'T' alleys where I could go full blast and the cop, in a cruiser, had to slow to make the turns, plus I had better short term acceleration than his big car. I went down an alley that was too narrow for his car, doubled back when he went around to the other end of the alley and then into the buildings where I worked and knew the hidey holes. I got away but it wasn't the smartest thing I ever did.