11 January 2007


After six+ years of managing and maintaining my weblog using very antiquated and time-consuming methods, I've decided to give a more convenenient and auotmated system a try. For the moment, Blogger appears to be the easiest alternative.

The archives will remain in the old format and it's very likely that all sorts of stuff on this new weblog is broken and/or fucked up. Please (please) feel free to inform me of such instances or offer any useful (or not) feedback.

As always I thank you for your interest and hope you'll continue along for this portion of the ride.


Kent said...

To be completely honest - I liked the daily link digest format better, but I can understand why you made the switch. Thanks for not just giving up and continuing to post great links.

Newcastle Photos said...

A couple of bits of useful info for you...

1 Switch on comment captcha thingy to (mainly)avoid comment spam which seems to be a real problem of late on Blogger. You can also moderate comments if you don't get too many to begin with.

2 Make comments open in a seperate pop-up window which stops your visitor having to re-load(and leave) the page and it can save a lot of time on the very rare occasion when Blogger is feeling slow.

Both these options are in the comments section of your settings.

I know of one or two other really useful tips which may be handy for you but I'd rather you emailed me as it's not the kind of stuff I'd want to share with everyone.